What You Should Know About Mining Claims

Do you have gold fever? With the prices of gold tripling in the last five years, gold prospecting is reaching another peak in its popularity. With a ton of gold still waiting to be discovered in the United States, staking a mining claim can be more than a fun hobby, it can be a lucrative money maker.

A mining claim gives the holder the right to mine on federal land, bringing a whole new wave of gold prospectors seeking the ultimate treasure. Many don’t realize that the laws from the 1850s Gold Rush haven’t changed all that much; they still permit and allow for the staking of a gold mining claim on government lands!

  • Regulations

If you plan to become a modern gold seeker, it’s important to be aware of the regulations and paper work required or you could find yourself in legal hot water, and ultimately lose the claim you’ve worked hard to find.

Gold prospectors who are interested in mining claims should learn the difference between the types of claims, such as placer and lode claims, as well as the most effective techniques to remove gold from the earth without harming the environment.

  • Locating a mining claim

While it’s true that any U.S. citizen can locate a mining claim, it’s also crucial to make sure the claim is on lands that are eligible and learn exactly what can and can’t be done on that land. A mining claim can be a very good investment, with many bought, sold and traded at a profit for well over a century; however, it’s only a good investment when done the right way.

Attempting to put the pieces of the puzzle together in order to get through all of that government red tape, while at the same time, facing the challenge of discovering the best way to find profitable gold mining land can be tough. The best way to become successful in locating a valid mining claim, is to follow a step-by-step guide that will take you from start to finish.

There is lots of gold waiting to be discovered, and still a lot of land left to be claimed. By learning how to find that land and what you need to secure a mining claim, you could be on your way to becoming one of many who have turned treasure hunting into a lucrative career.


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